About US

A dire need to find a hair wig turned into irritation when I could not find it. A shiny, wavy, or curly wig might look great but is of no use if it’s uncomfortable to wear. I realized hair extension or a wig is not an esoteric product. Ladies of all ages are panicking about hair loss, and finding high-quality hair wigs can be a daunting obstacle! 

But it might take a few strokes of luck to find that one comfortable, natural hair wig. 

Spurred on by the ambition to provide high-quality hair wigs, 3N’s saves the day with wigs, ponytails, closures, bundles, and much more. 

We are a US-based beauty store whose mission is to help all the ladies get that beguiling look with our natural-looking wigs and extensions. 

There is a wig made for everyone. We are the supreme matchmakers.